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  • “Dr. Durham and his staff could not have made the experience of having an extraction, implant and bone graft any better. They were very professional from the first phone call to the follow up and I could not have been treated any better. The office is very team oriented and each member completes his or her job with extreme care and professionalism!
    Having worked in the dental field for 35 years I highly recommend this practice for any of your oral surgery needs. Thank you to Dr Durham and your team!!!”
  • “I had the best experience yet! I have a phobia with dentist & surgeons but they made me feel so comfortable, great conversation ……. All I can remember is they making me feel so calm, don’t even remember the procedure. I will definitely be back! Definitely highly recommend!”
  • “This was my third visit to The Oral Surgery Institute. From my first visit to yesterday’s visit the entire experience was awesome. Treated like a queen; never felt any pain on either of my surgeries. Dr. Durham and his staff were wonderful. Thank you so much for such wonderful care given to me!”


Our mission is to provide a superior experience of quality Oral Surgery care.

We are committed to providing Oral Maxillofacial service to patients near and far, with a passion for quality care, compassion, and understanding to our patients and total satisfaction to our referring doctors.

Oral Surgery Office | Oral Surgeon Greensboro, NC

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Oral Surgery Office | Oral Surgeon Greensboro, NC


Extraction of Third Molars

Your wisdom teeth are the four molars that grow in when you’re around age 18. Your mouth is designed to hold a total of 28 teeth; however, those extra four molars bring your total up to 32: 16 on top, 16 on the bottom. Since your mouth can’t quite fit all of those extra teeth, usually wisdom teeth removal is recommended. 


Modern Surgical Techniques

Our highly trained Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons specialize in placing dental implants.  We work together with your General Dentist with the pre-operative implant planning and keep them up to date throughout your treatment process at our office.  Dental Implants look, feel, and function just like natural teeth. Oral Surgeons are the known experts in dentoalveolar surgery including dental implants.  We look forward to helping you discover the many benefits of dental implants

Oral Surgery Office | Oral Surgeon Greensboro, NC
Oral Surgery Office | Oral Surgeon Greensboro, NC


Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

There are many types of oral surgery and surgical procedures. We are committed to our unique approach that is centered on personal care and attention to detail. Each of our experienced doctors and team members at The Oral Surgery Institute of The Carolinas strive to ease your concerns, answer all of your questions, and make every patient feel like family.

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